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Social Media – The New Marketers Arsenal.

In the world we live in today, social media platforms have fully consumed our lives. We have the apps on our desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. We are constantly on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter as they have become a key part to our daily lives. It is rare to find someone these day that has not used these platforms.

As consumers are interacting with these platforms so should businesses. It is natural that the marketing firms go where the fish are biting. But is social media marketing another form of promotion?

Social media marketing is a discipline in itself. It takes a lot of determination and patience to launch a social media campaign. Without the right direction or research; time and resources can be wasted on this endeavor. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are powerhouses in the social media platforms. They have become an everyday part of the marketers tools of the trade.

Is it just seen as another form of promotion now or is there more to it?

Marketing before the internet was restricted to a few channels of promotion. It has since grown with the conception of these platforms. You could argue that yes social media is another form of promotion. Then again you could say that it is a new form of marketing. These channels open up the opportunity to get your message across to your intended audience.

Social media is about engaging the consumer with valuable content. It is seen as something that most businesses are adopting due to the growing number of consumers who uses these on a daily basis. If you don’t have a social media strategy then its like the blind leading the blind. Your efforts are pointless and can waste a lot of time and money.

As the use of this new technology develops, so does the promotional mix. In the past this would of been considered not part of the promotional mix. It would of been seen as a stand alone concept. Now it is an integral part of what a business should be doing.

You can reach many more consumers using these online platforms. Most consumers are more likely to see your advertisement or promotional campaign online as that is where they spend most there time. Promoting via traditional methods will limit the number of consumers who see your adverts. You can reach more people quicker, smarter and at inconvenient times such as 2am.

Social media marketing in todays world is a quicker way to implement the 4 p’s (product, price, promotion, placement). If this is the way of the future, then social media marketing can be either a stand alone concept or part of the new marketers arsenal. The use of digital marketing means that the message can be customized for distinct groups or individuals. You are no longer just stabbing in the dark and hoping you achieve the results that you are wanting to achieve.

Social media marketing a new form of promotion? Many would argue yes it is, others would say no it’s just an extension of the marketing mix.

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